About us

The staff here at Utah Crankshaft and Short Block have been rebuilding crankshafts, rebuilding motors and doing mechanic work for years. We are located in Springville Utah just a few minutes from I15! Having the rocky mountains in our back yard and the greatest snow on earth, we ride snowmobiles in the winter and recreational vehicles in the summer! In Utah if we are not working we are playing off road!

Our staff has great passion for snowmobiles, pwc, atvs and Motorcycles! Keeping your recreational vehicles going and using the highest quality parts is one of our number one priorities! When rebuilding crankshafts we have some of the state of the art fixtures, jigs, presses, stands and other tools. We are heavily invested in the best equipment to provide the best quality crankshafts possible. We always true our crankshafts within factory specs and almost always true them to 0.001" If welding is needed we can do that too!

We build our motors and assemble our crankshafts each in special rooms built to eliminate dust, dirt or contaminates from getting into the motor and or crankshaft. Not only do we use the best quality parts available but we also strive to do things correct the first time. We have a good network with other crankshaft rebuilding shops and always stay on top of the newest equipment, technology, and updates to provide the best quality work for you.

Currently we have 4 boring stations and 2 crankshaft rebuilding stations, these machines are checked and maintained regularly to keep everything calibrated for the best quality work. Turn around times are one of our main concerns and want to get you back on the road or trail as fast as possible. During our busiest seasons please feel free to call in for turn around times. We keep many bored cylinders and rebuilt crankshafts (along with other parts) in stock for exchange but can bore your cylinders or rebuild your crankshaft and get them quickly back to you.

If you have Nikasil plated cylinders that need to be replated we have many in stock. Currently we have almost all of our cylinders re-manufactured by Millennium Technologies, We can have other companies do replating if needed or preferred.

Not only do we do crankshafts and cylinders but we stock many gasket kits and pistons. Feel free to purchase everything at one place and get back on the road faster! Same day shipping is done if we have the items in stock!